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weekly digest

Posted by Morgan White on October 26, 2015

Hello all,

This past week was good.  I built the cargo bike, went to the the all employee expo, and got a lot done.  We built several bikes for sale and got a lot of cleaning done.  I worked on search committee items as well.  We sold 1 build-a-bike for $130, 5 student memberships for $125, and grossed $1279.58.  There were a lot of people who came by and checked out the cargo bike.  I was able to get Rick Langlois to demo the bike for 2 weeks at his department so we can see what issues may arise.  I have FAA lined up to be the next.  They will have it longer.  I also spent some time helping Rick find bikes and accessories for the departmental bike share he is starting.  I completed the emergency plan and have had all students review and sign the document.  I spent some time working on our performance reports.

This week I will be participating in the Bike Summit, working on making some tools, and cleaning the shop.  I will also be preparing for a class I have scheduled on Nov. 5th with the athletic department.  I will continue work on the performance reports as well.

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl