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weekly digest

Posted by Morgan White on November 2, 2015

Hello all,

This last week was good.  We went to the Illinois Bike Summit, tables, learned and presented.  We had quite a few people come in and were able to keep a high level of quality and quantity.  We sold 1 bike for $120, 1 Build-a-bike for $40, 5 memberships for $125, and grossed $743.  I got 25 or so bikes from the police, and worked with parking on releasing the bikes in the warehouse.   I processed about 20 scrapper bikes and Todd removed the waste metal.  I set up a time to collect bikes from the City of Champaign this week.

This week I will be going to the warehouse to prepare bikes for shipment, I will collect bikes from the City of Champaign, and work on finding places for bikes in the campus shop.  I will also devote time to search committee duties.  I will try to build more bikes to create space rather than organize the bikes.

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl