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weekly update

Posted by Morgan White on September 16, 2015

Hello all,

This past week was very busy.  We did lots of good stuff.  We successfully pulled off the LTN 2015.  We served quite a few people, and found a new person to work at the shop.  We sold one bike for $160, 2 build-a-bikes for $100, 6 memberships for $150, and grossed $10,078.57.  I made more shop fliers, and continued to setup the EDU 201 course.  Stacey and I have been following up on the cargo bike situation, and I met with Jeff Yockey about the Bike Summit.  No bike built.  We have been too busy.

This week I will finalize hiring a new employee who will substitute when staff are now here/transition into staff.  We will be losing two staffers in December, and more in the spring.  I am working on getting the shop back into shape after the student rush, and organizing it a little better.  I will also be doing orientation for the EDU 201 course Wednesday night.

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl