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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on June 18, 2018

All, pretty much same old, same old over here this past week. Sold some bikes, people are coming in with a little more frequency. Donations are still coming in faster than I can strip them, as almost all of them are not worth fixing. Volunteers fell off a little for last week, only had a few come by. The Bike Project and I had a meeting to discuss nuts and bolts of operations here. We tentatively scheduled meetings for every two weeks.


This week I hope to schedule another training with another new staffer if his schedule allows. I’ll also keep culling bikes and building up new ones, per usual. The student staff have requested a template/checklist for bike builds that is a little more in depth than the current tag system checklist and separate from our Shop Build/B-a-B Safety Check form to help them learn the ropes better. I’ll work on a little mock-up for that this week as well.  


The numbers:
Visitors: 84
Sales: $1,306.00
Memberships: 6 for $180
Bikes (refurb): 6 for $1,000
B-a-B: 1 for $25
Tire/tube: 13 for $69



  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager