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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on July 16, 2018

All, a nice and generally manageable number of visitors to the shop this week. 2-3 people working on shop builds and some fix-a-flatters in every day.

I rode down Green St last week and that was a delight. Great new markings!

Thanks to Todd for grabbing the scrap pile over the weekend.

This week I will be contacting the Dero bike pump people about the problem with the Altgeld pump: squirrels keep chewing off the pump head, rendering it unusable. I’ll check with them to see if they’ve got any solutions.

I will also be setting up a meeting this week with a student group who are looking to solve bike waste on campus.


Visitors: 88
Sales: $777.45
Bike (refurb): 1 for $160
Bike (B-a-B): 2 for $158
Memberships: 3 for $90
Tire/tubes: 23 for $123



  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager