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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on September 24, 2018

All, last week was steadily busy but with more minor repairs than B-a-Bs which kept things flowing nicely.


New hire Hank started on Friday. Unfortunately, he’s tall so this shop won’t be friendly to him, height-wise. He’s been enthusiastic and willing to learn-as-you-go, which has been good.

Last week I counted all the bikes in the warehouse. We’ve got approximately 504. Working Bikes is still interested but may be doing a full shipment from down here instead of carting the bikes back to Chicago. That will happen sometime next month, I believe. Details are still being ironed out.

We also had Light The Night 2018! Barry did the counts but we didn’t sell out at Illinois/Lincoln and did at Alma.  


This week I have a TBP meeting tonight and am teaching a Bike Maintenance 101 class tomorrow night from 7 – 8pm. Other than that, business as usual.



Visitors: 80
Sales: $773.20
Memberships: 14 for $420
tire/tubes: 10 for $51



Jake Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Manager