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Weekly Update

Posted by Morgan White on November 27, 2018

All,  No big news for the last week. We had Thanksgiving break and were closed all last week. The week prior was pretty slow, too.


Biggest news: Yesterday the shop was staffed by the student workers and they appear to have done a fantastic job. The shop is clean and organized, they tallied and tracked visitors and volunteer time nicely. No trouble. Next up will be training the staff to run hours when I’m not here in the summer when it’s really busy. I don’t have the infrastructure in place to do that yet but we’ll get there.

This week I’ll be delivering the bike we built for Campus Recreation’s Student Staff Appreciation Week, building shop bikes, and working on documenting skills training and assessment for the student staff so that I’ll be able to better track their progress and abilities to do the job going forward.  


Visitors: 45

Sales: $101
Memberships: 2 for $60

Misc. used parts: 7 for $41




  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager