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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on May 24, 2016

Hello all, this past week was busy.  We lots of people coming in and lots of projects.  We sold 2 bikes for $230, 1 build-a-bike for $70, 7 memberships for $175, and grossed $1090.50.  We got a bunch of bikes from the warehouse helping to clear out mid semester bikes before they get spring abandon bikes.  I also got some bikes from the City of Champaign.  I contacted Working Bikes and am coordinating a pickup with them to get rid of unwanted bikes.  I built some bikes and worked on some LTN items.  CCNet visited the shop.  It was a good tour/visit.  The wheel building class finished well with many folks having built fine wheels. 

This week I will be building bikes and working on a pickup for the unwanted bikes.  I will be building bikes, and looking to remove another 30-40 from the warehouse that are from the mid semester pickup.  I will also be working on doing some classes again on Thursdays before we open.

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