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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on May 16, 2016

Hello all, last week was incredibly busy.  We had lots of events and things going on, but we made it happen.  A lot of people came in wanting bikes thanks to Lily's submission of apparently great ad copy to the E-Week e-mail.  Armand from the Soy Bean Innovation Lab bought 5 bikes, but I wont be counting them until I get a check.  We sold 19 bikes for $2430, 1 build-a-bike for $60, 1 community membership for $30, 2 student memberships for $50, and grossed $3199.  Again once I get the check from the soy bean lab it will go up $610 and 5 bikes.  We supported the cool Bike-From-Work-Day station that Lily put on, held a class on wheel building, and a class on machining bike frames.  Lily and I worked on the cargo bike program, meeting with the University Architect.  It sounds like an uphill battle, but we may get them a cargo bike of some kind.   Between Morgan and Lily there has been created an demand for workers at F&S to use bikes rather than trucks and vans.  I explained to Lily how depts. can purchase bikes from us, but not pay for service or order things since she will be helping them to start these programs.

This coming week we will be cleaning the shop for the visit from CCNet, building bikes to replace the 24 that have been sold, and working on bike assisting Lily in getting bikes for F&S.  I will also be working with Lily and the Library on getting them a cargo bike.

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl