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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on June 20, 2016

Hello all, this past week was interesting.  We have busy mornings and slow, easy open hours.  This was great because it allowed us to get more back end work done during open hours.  We were able to sort hundreds of parts that had recently been donated, clean the shop, and make about 300 new student bike packets during open hours.  We sold 3 bikes for $400, 3 memberships for $90, and grossed $1391.50.  The shop was able to successfully switch over to the new membership cost, membership cards, and pricing structure.  I was able to complete the ordering of the LTN lights and the lights are on their way here.  I was finally able to order the filters for the sandblaster.  I have not been able to get an exact date for shipping, but we should be ready for more intensive use by fall.  We have held 2 basic classes on Thursdays and they have had 2 students apiece.  The topics were ABC Quick Check, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Cables and Housing. 

This coming week we will be closed Tuesday through Friday so little will be done.  I am arranging for the Thursday class to take place in my absence. 

James Roedl