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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on July 12, 2016

Hello all, this past week was good.  We were slower than normal, and the 4th of July shaved a day off the week.  We had several people building bikes, and some cool projects came in.  We sold 3 bikes for $280, 1 build-a-bike for $60, and grossed $871.  We are doing particularly well on bike sales this year.  I'm wrapping up reports and YTD bike sales should be about 101.  This gets some cash, but the real benefit is the community service that gets more people on reliable bikes.  It lowers our work load because considerably less people leave without a bike only to come back with a broken down craigslist find that needs far more work than it is worth.  We have also seen a reduction in build-a-bikes, but the completion rate of build-a-bikes has gone from 5%-10% up to 90%.  The mood at the shop is much more relaxed because those coming in have small repairs like flats and brake adjustments rather than complete rebuilds.  I have been working on yearly and quarterly reports quite a bit as well as getting the shop clean and organized.  I have hosted several tours for different student groups who are new to campus and are looking for sustainable transportation.  This past week the tours of note were a class of freshman football players, and a group of freshman engineering students.  Lily came to the football tour and helped with the talk.  She will most likely be in charge of future advocacy events with the athletic dept.

This coming week I will bring all reports up to date with the end of FY16.  We will be building bike and cleaning the shop.  I will also be taking some time to write down procedures and things only I know to be pass to my successor.

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl