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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on April 3, 2017

All, last week was feast or famine, visitors-wise. We had all-stands-full for most of Friday—even with the bad weather--and hardly a visitor in the first two hours on Wednesday. We didn’t do a lot of large sales and the numbers reflect that; most visitors were just tuning up their bikes with small consumables. Our visitor total for last week was 91.

We grossed $617.25 for the week. Sold six memberships for $180; 18 tires for $85; eight tubes for $36; and three locks for $69.

Last week—with Lily’s help--I was able to streamline the stolen bike reports that come in through bike@illinois so I can disseminate that info on to bike shops, advocacy orgs, and businesses and thereby increase the chances (in theory) of recovering the thieved property.

This week I will continue to build bikes, search for and field job applicants for the summer months and begin coordinating and organizing for next month’s Bike to Work Day and the May 10th Moonlight Bike Drive event.


  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager