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weekly update

Posted by Morgan White on December 14, 2015

Hello all, This past week was good.  The shop was chill, and a lot of people came into volunteer and we built several bikes.  Everyone is really happy with how clean and organized the shop is now that we got ride of 70 or so bikes.  We sold 2 build-a-bikes for $105, 2 memberships for $50, and grossed $858.56.  I ordered some hard to find parts.  We now have 122, 124, and 127 bbs, an array of cotter pins to last for years, and new sturmey cables!!!  I did some work for the ATC search committee.  I went to the CCB meeting.  It was good. 

This week I plan on wrapping up my responsibilities for the ATC search committee.  We will get all the pay roll and other paperwork items cleared up for the students who are going away for the break and those who are graduating.  I am going to hire some replacements for those graduating this semester and those graduating spring semester. 

From the Campus Outpost,
James Roedl