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Weekly Update

Posted by Lily Wilcock on November 6, 2017

All, last week was pretty uneventful. Visitor numbers are declining with the weather getting cooler. I’ve begun cutting back on the student staff as we get fewer and fewer visitors. We’ve got 9 refurbished bikes for sale. With fall coming on strong, I suspect we’ll see a lot of the in-progress build-a-bikes abandoned which can then be flipped for sale quicker than usual.

This week I will coordinate with Parking to pick up the salvageable bikes from the warehouse as well as build bikes and take stock of inventory.

The numbers:

Visitors for the week: 62

Sales: $187.35
Refurbished bikes: 0 for $0
Build-a-bikes: 0 for $0
Memberships: 0 for $0 (Reinstated our First Visit Free policy, which has hurt these numbers.)
Tires/tubes: 7 for $42

  • Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager