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Weekly Update for Zero Waste

Posted by Marya Ryan on March 18, 2018

Hi Pete and Shawn—

Here's the latest: 

  • Early in the month, I contacted Jonathan McClintock from Kimberly-Clark and Tanya Lisowski and Jordan Powers from Fisher. I asked them whether Noyes was incurring any cost for having gloves shipped directly from their building to K-C for recycling. I had also asked if they record the volume of gloves from Noyes and the weight of a box of gloves. They have not replied, so I re-sent my questions to them this evening. 
  • I've been communicating with a doctoral student (Imran Rahman) at one of the labs at RAL about glove recycling. Morgan had asked me to inquire about any costs that they were incurring for geRng their gloves picked up and sent to K-C for recycling. Imran told me that they get their K-C gloves through VWR. VWR is picking up gloves from them at no charge. He doesn't know whether VWR sends them directly back to K-C or is taking them to Noyes. He notes that more centralized recycling at RAL would likely result in more of the chemistry and biochemistry labs participating in the program. I let him know I would stay in touch as we move forward, in the hope that a more convenient solution will emerge. 
  • Shawn Hopkins from Big Belly has stayed in touch with me and is interested in speaking with Morgan or Morgan and me about indoor options.
  • I have not heard back from Purchasing on whether the report on glove purchases was for iBuy only or included all campus glove purchases. I re-sent my question to him this evening. 
  • Anna sent me graphics and photos for glove recycling program materials, so I will move forward on them. 

Best regards,
Marya Ryan
Zero Waste Coordinator