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Weekly Update for Zero Waste

Posted by Marya Ryan on May 6, 2018

Hi Pete and Shawn—

Zero-waste activity this past week was as follows: 

  • I emailed the BER volunteers who had contacted Morgan over the winter to let them know that we can use their help with promoting the glove recycling program to nonparticipating departments. In March, I obtained a report from Jeremiah Yokley at OBFS listing all the UIUC departments that have purchased nitrile gloves. Morgan and I want to enlist the student volunteers' help in looking up a contact person in each department in the report and then doing some outreach to those that are not yet participating. I emailed them Thursday to see if any of them will be available over the summer or whether the effort will have to wait until next fall. 
  • I posted a privately viewed update on the iCAP Portal Glove Recycling page with Jeremiah's name and email address and a description of the report he provided.
  • I added a graphic to the glove recycling participation web form for Morgan's review.
  • I added the Natural History Survey to the iCAP Portal as a glove recycling participation location. 
  • I updated and sent Morgan a spreadsheet with the numbers of outdoor bins that I mapped last summer and fall (with a substantial head start on the Quad area, thanks to Ryan and Brent!). I added the numbers of bins that Fangxing recommended be replaced.
  • I pulled cost information on bin replacement from an email from Ryan and set it up in a spreadsheet. I have an email out to Morgan for further information to plug in. 

Best regards,
Marya Ryan
Zero Waste Coordinator