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Weekly Update for Zero Waste

Posted by Marya Ryan on June 3, 2018

Hi Pete and Shawn—

Zero waste activities for the past week were as follows: 

  • Morgan and I had a phone meeting to go over next steps on the glove recycling program, now that the trailer is planned to be relocated. We'll revise the map on the program handout once we receive confirmation of the new location.
  • I prepared a contact spreadsheet for the BER volunteers who stepped forward to help with outreach for the glove recycling program. It lists departments with $2,000 or more in nitrile glove purchases for the first three quarters of fiscal year 2017-2018. I sent it to the volunteers, along with instructions for them to look up contact names, emails, and phone numbers for the departments. Once the trailer map is revised, we'll ask them to start calling and emailing the departments. I attach the list so you can see it. I updated the iCAP portal with the information that the volunteers will assist with outreach. 
  • I viewed a CURC webinar on bin infrastructure and forwarded slides and notes to Morgan.

Best regards,
Marya Ryan
Zero Waste Coordinator