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Weekly Update for Zero Waste

Posted by Marya Ryan on October 8, 2018

Hello Pete and Shawn--

This past week's zero-waste activities were as follows:

  • Kimberly-Clark's new RightCycle representative (Sara Portillo) was in Indianapolis, so we met for coffee to go over emerging changes to the program, which I will discuss with Morgan later today. The biggest one is that we are past the first year of participation where Kimberly-Clark defrays shipping costs, so there will be a charge to ship gloves back to them for recycling. A few departments that are shipping their gloves independently of the F&S collection point at PPSB might be eligible to receive free gloves to offset shipping charges, depending on pre-existing agreements and the volume of material collected.
  • I had a phone meeting with Jill Ducker, the new VWR representative. We discussed the RightCycle program changes and the departments that VWR is working with, including Chemistry and the Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic Lab.
  • I updated the participating locations map on the iCAP portal glove recycling page. You may recall that I have been contacting participating units for information on PI names and lab/room numbers for the Division of Research Safety. I learned that the Medical Sciences Building is not a participating location and (through my phone call with Jill) that the Vet Med Diagnostics Lab is.
  • I had emails with Morgan and with Becky Jonas, the PWR SWATeam clerk, regarding content for the team's poster for iSEE.

Best regards,

Marya Ryan