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  1. Notes from meeting

    I took some notes from my conversation with Jennifer Bechtel the Program Director from the Innovation and Sustainability LLC who wants to start a bike share.  Here are the notes as I took them.  I hope this will help you to understand what is going on.

    • Wants to have 6 or so bikes for bike share 120 students 10-15 using and helping to repair.
    • Wants to bring students over here to learn how to fix bikes 1 x per month or semester depending on maintenance rates and usage.
    • Would like to explore a possible group membership for her resident hall or their bike share.
    • The idea is there are so many students who don't know anything about bikes.  She wants to use it to help students get feet wet with bikes learn how useful they are and encourage private ownership.
    • This would be a pilot program for this housing dept and may want to expand.
    • Wants quality bikes that can be maintained on our model of teaching people how to fix them.
    • Wants students to be involved in keeping bikes running.
    • Jennifer wants to learn herself so she can be the consistent person for the bike share because of the turn over with the students and staff.
    • They are installing a outdoor fix-it station outside their building.
    • She would want to use us our facilities and model to have students fix the bikes.
    • Wants students to end up buying a bike.
    • Looking for a place to store the bikes in the winter if no one is willing to ride/maintain the bikes.

    From the Campus Bike Center,
    James Roedl

  2. Introductory meeting with James and Jennifer

    Jennifer from the Innovation and Sustainablility LLC came by to talk about a very small bike share pilot where the students learn to maintain bikes and are encouraged to become bike owning commuters.  We discussed the matter and she has a lot of great ideas and would like to meet with us to discuss them.  She has questions about maintenance, what bikes to get (she wants quality and ease of maintenance), how to maintain consistency with student turn over, a possible LLC membership or bike share membership with TBP, and many other things.  I took notes on our conversation and she is going to try to make an overview of her ideas we can discuss it and find something that can work in the long term.  This sounds like something we want to be a part of. 

    From the Campus Bike Center,
    James Roedl

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