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Projects Updates for Measure Waste Levels in Dumpsters

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  1. Landfill tonnage for FY22 and FY23

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    Hi Daphne,


    My name is Miriam Keep, and I am the new Sustainability Programs Coordinator with iSEE. I’m working with the iSEE team to complete the annual reporting of GHG emissions for campus, and we need to report landfill tonnage for FY22 and FY 23. Could you provide these numbers? Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you!





    Hi Daphne,


    I hope you are doing well. I wanted to follow up and see if you could provide the landfill tonnage data. If you have any questions about this request I would be happy to try to find more information about what is needed.






    Hi Miriam,


    Thanks for your follow up on this, my apologies for the delay! Please see the data below:

    • FY22: 5,024.25 tons
    • FY23: 5,846.83 tons


    I am curious what was written in for FY21 and FY20 – do you have those numbers?


    Thank you,


  2. archived info - previous project description

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    Facilities & Services Waste Management handles trash and recycling pick-up for the majority of campus facilities.  The exterior garbage and recycling dumpsters are emptied on a regular schedule, by campus drivers working for the Waste Transfer Station.  As of Fall 2014, there was no tracking for the waste volumes within individual trash or recycling dumpsters. 

    This pilot program will install wireless sensors in the dumpsters for a certain area on campus.  The depth of the trash in the dumpsters will be shared online with the F&S personnel, which will allow data analysis of waste generation sites for the first time on campus at the large scale level.  The pilot area is the land bordered by Goodwin Avenue, Illinois Street, Lincoln Avenue, and Oregon Street.  This area includes 8 dumpsters.