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  1. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    On Monday, October 25, the Engagement iCAP Team met to synthesize the themes of sustainability engagement discussed at the team's previous meeting. The four major working themes include: Awareness & Purpose, Technology & Visibility, Culture & Practicality, and Connection & Relationships. Moving forward, the team will break into sub-committees to pursue each of these themes. Meeting minutes attached.

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  2. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Tuesday, October 12 for an ideation session for recommendations for the upcoming semester. New members Kathy Adams, Sonali Kumar and Kavya Mula were introduced to the team along with Shibu Kar, the team's new co-chair! Meeting minutes are attached with a link to the recommendation ideation powerpoint.

  3. Engagement iCAP Team First Meeting of the Fall Semester

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Wednesday, September 29 for the first time this fall semester. During the meeting, members discussed the team mission, updates on all 6 iCAP 2020 objectives, and the iCAP 2021 Objective Assessment. Meeting minutes are attached below.

  4. Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP team made the following recommendation on 3/29/21. The Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Sub-group recommendation is attached. 

    The Engagement Team proposes that a working sub-group be formed within the General Education Board of the University to address and support the implementation of a sustainability general education requirement proposed by the Illinois Student Government.

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