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Key Objective: 53. Voluntary Carbon Offsets for Air Travel

Institute a system for purchasing voluntary local offsets for air travel, and make mandatory by 2016. need to add # of miles traveled in the data collection for air travel reimbursement.

Associated Metric

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"The University will enact a system for purchasing local emissions offsets from air travel impacts, with a voluntary program beginning by 2012 and will recommend to the Board of Trustees to move to mandate a required program by 2016."

Project History

  • 5/25/2023

    The following links are articles detailing the business practices of Chevron's carbon offsets.

  • 4/14/2023

    Attached is the Carbon Offset Planning and Buying Guide Step 1 and Step 2. The documents contain information on UIUC's offsetting goals and approach with Second Natures MOU with UIUC.