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ECE Rooftop Solar PVs (In Progress)

Project History

  • 8/26/2016

    The rooftop solar project for ECE is moving forward now, and installation is expected in summer 2017. 

  • 3/7/2016

    ECE rooftop solar project update:

    1) The original PO bought approximately 500 panels for $240,925.  This was funded with $100K from the DCEO grant, and $140,925 from the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) funding. 


The new ECE building is designed to include Solar Panels on its roof. The panels will provide about 11% of the building's energy needs.  The infrastructure for connecting these panels to the building electric supply was included in the original design and construction costs for the full building, while the solar panels themselves were funded separately. This specific project is to have a series of photovoltaic solar arrays on the roof of the building with a 300 kW peak power rating, capable of generating an estimated 470 MWh of electricity annually. (This project is distinct and separate from the project to install solar panels on the roof of the North Campus Parking Deck.) The scope of the project is to provide a structure located on the existing roof of the ECE Building which will support 950 solar panels and provide all components to connect them to the building electrical system for a fully operational system

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Dennis Craig

    Project Leader:

    Phil Krein

    Team Members:

    • Tim Newman
    • Joyce Mast
    • Greg Larson


Project Location(s)

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