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Energy Dashboard Project (In Progress)

Project History

  • 2/23/2017

    Updates on BIF Greywater Meter, Increase Cooling Tower COC, and Design Center Greywater Piping recommendations. Discussion on the development of water use dashboard. 

  • 5/3/2016

    At the ECBS SWATeam meeting this week, Sam Wilson, a grad student in Communication, presented his ongoing research efforts on fume hood behaviors, which will tie into the development of our Green Labs Initiative.


The Illini Energy Dashboard provides clearly visible understandable information data and information to students and staff of selected University buildings describing energy consumption rate (electrical, chilled water and steam) so that users can make educated choices about the way they can affect energy consumption and conservation. The biggest challenge in successfully creating a campus-wide goal of energy reduction is being able to evoke a behavioral change resulting in energy consevation and sustainability efforts. This project aims to achieve such a change by showing energy consumers at the University how they're consuming energy in a clear way.

The Energy Dashboard Project is a multi-part project that includes implementation of a website, connection of existing real-time energy meters, and installations of additional real-time energy meters throughout campus.  With support from the Student Sustainability Committeee, this project funded the purchase of the website module for the campus' energy data historian program, through Insight.  F&S staff oversaw the implementation of the module, and ECI staff developed the look and reference content of the site.  The website went live in early 2012, and existing real-time  meters have been connected.  At this time, additional metering is underway.

Website URL(s)

Energy Dashboard Buildings by Year (Tracked by Fiscal Year)

Dashboard screen shot

Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Mike Marquissee

    Team Members:

    • Morgan Johnston
    • Wes Jarrell (ECI)
    • Karen Decker (ECI)
    • Kent Reifsteck
    • Andy Blacker
    • Jackie Kern
    • Brian Deal (Faculty)
    • Cathy Blake (Faculty)
    • Joel Steinfledt (Swanlund)
    • Kevin Wolz
    • Suharsh Sivakumar