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ECE Net-Zero Energy Building (In Progress)

Project History

  • 4/12/2019

    Update from Joyce Mast: "All the ECE solar panels except for those to be used for research have been producing power since this morning. Yay! Joyce"

  • 4/12/2018

    Update from Joyce Mast, "Our solar panels are supposed to be producing power today, as of this am the research panels were still not hooked up. Still, power production is imminent."


Excerpt from the ECE building website:

"With the new ECE building the University is determined to achieve LEED platinum certification, and is striving for a net-zero energy design that will enable the building to supply all of its own energy. From a vast array of photovoltaic cells, to a chilled beam system to cool and heat the classroom tower, ECE wil accomplish a major campus addition with maximum space and minimal carbon footprint.

“This is no small achievement,” explains ECE Professor Phil Krein. “Currently the Department of Energy reports only eight net-zero energy buildings in the U.S., and the largest is only 14,000 square feet. To achieve this in a building nearly 20 times that size reflects the University’s sincere commitment to sustainable design while capturing the spirit of a department that’s always pushing the limits of technological innovation.”

In addition to its sustainable design, the building will incorporate many notable contributions of ECE faculty and staff, including the most recent LED and fluorescent lighting advances, energy conversion and systems that exploit new achievements in power electronics, and intelligent systems and interfaces that apply recent breakthroughs in computer technology. “In other words,” explains Krein, “visitors won’t just be entering the ECE building, they’ll be entering the ECE experience, enjoying the benefits of technology that had its genesis here.”

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    Beth Katsinas

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    Phil Krein


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