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Building Envelope Pilot Project (In Progress)


Based upon building energy modeling and actual results from residential projects we believe a 20-30% reduction in energy usage is achievable when the building envelope is properly installed and verified. We have many buildings on campus where the envelope should be inspected, tested, and appropriately improved to address the energy lost through improper installation and or maintenance.

The university currently has teams from Facilities & Services inspect, test and improve the HVAC systems in buildings.  They have teams who also are scheduled to inspect and calibrate buildings keeping the mechanical systems operating as efficiently as possible.

Building envelopes should be maintained in the same manner. And they should be inspected, tested and maintained prior to the system work for each building. Similar to making sure your roof does not leak before you invest and remodel the inside of the building the envelope should be verified it performs properly before you spend on the HVAC. It has been proven in residential buildings that many buildings leak and use more energy due to having to over ventilate, heat or cool the building due to lack of appropriate air tightness.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Stacy Gloss

    Project Leader:

    Morgan White

    Team Members:

    • Dennis Craig
    • Paul Francisco
    • Bill Rose
    • Rob Roman
    • Jim Sims
    • Dave Boehm
    • Ehab Kamarah
    • Karl Helmink
    • Brian Huckstep
    • Joe Villanti
    • Jake Jakobsson
    • Brad Klein
    • Donna McClure
    • Lisa Peacock
    • Tom Keller
    • Jack Reicherts

    Prior Contacts:

    • John Summers
    • Andy Robinson
    • Paul Foote


  • Proposed April 3, 2020
    Proposed by Energy iCAP Team
    Approved May 10, 2021
    Approved by Capital Programs
    Started February 11, 2021
    Started by Dennis Craig


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