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Metric: 4.1 Total Potable Water Use (kgal)

To quantify our water use reductions and to identify further opportunities, the campus could report not only the total absolute potable water usage, but also the water use relative to the number of weighted campus users and relative to gross square footage of building space.  Providing this data would allow benchmarking of our campus relative to institutional peers and would support new water conservation measures that could establish our campus as a leader in water conservation. 

The amount is reported by F&S Utilities & Energy Services’ Business Operations, in the "Utility Summary_FY" excel file.  It is the sum of "IAWC Main Water Bill Usage" and "IAWC Small Bills Usage."

The percent reduction of water use on campus is also available.

Metric Chart

4.1 Total Potable Water Use (kgal)


  • FY 2020:

    includes covid-19 impact

  • FY 2021:

    includes covid-19 impact


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
652,833.00 Jun 30 2021 Morgan White

includes covid-19 impact

727,200.00 Jun 30 2020 Morgan White

includes covid-19 impact

823,049.00 Jun 30 2019 Morgan White
914,232.00 Jun 30 2018 Morgan White
1,018,356.00 Jun 30 2017 Kate Gardiner
1,089,669.00 Jun 30 2016 Kate Gardiner
971,243.00 Jun 30 2015 Kate Gardiner
999,263.00 Jun 30 2014 Kate Gardiner
1,028,761.00 Jun 30 2013 Kate Gardiner
1,056,995.00 Jun 30 2012 Kate Gardiner
1,091,719.00 Jun 30 2011 Kate Gardiner
1,089,910.00 Jun 30 2010 Kate Gardiner
1,196,344.00 Jun 30 2009 Kate Gardiner
1,307,243.00 Jun 30 2008 Kate Gardiner


Plan Alignment: iCAP 2020
Year Target Value
2024 721,500.00

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Tracking Date Type

Fiscal Year [July - June]

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