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Metric: Percent reduction from air travel baseline FY14

This metric is the percent reduction in emissions from the air travel, based on emitted CO2 (eCO2) through air travel by fiscal year. The difference between the given year eCO2 and the baseline FY14 eCO2 is divided by the baseline FY14 eCO2.  The data is from the GHG emissions report. Use the Second Nature website for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for data from 2016 onwards.

Metric Chart


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
27.00 Jun 30 2020 Meredith Moore
24.26 Jun 30 2019 Meredith Moore
26.99 Jun 30 2018 Morgan White
28.86 Jun 30 2017 Sarthak Prasad
21.22 Jun 30 2016 Sarthak Prasad
12.79 Jun 30 2015 Sarthak Prasad
0.00 Jun 30 2014 Sarthak Prasad


Plan Alignment: 2015 iCAP
Year Target Value
2020 25.00
2025 50.00
2030 100.00

Tracking Date Type

Fiscal Year [July - June]

Key Objective(s)