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Metric: Solar Generation from BRC provides data tracking for a portion of this solar array. This metric is the total generation per year, according to data read from the above website.  The total energy produced is approximately 2.5 times the amount shown on the real-time energy dashboard because only a fraction of the full array is metered.

Metric Chart


Value Applicable Date Affirmed By Annotation
22,460.00 Jun 30 2021 Morgan White
19,262.00 Jun 30 2020 Morgan White
21,067.08 Jun 30 2019 Morgan White
21,946.30 Jun 30 2018 Morgan White
21,942.10 Jun 30 2017 Sarthak Prasad
22,740.00 Jun 30 2016 Morgan Johnston
22,112.50 Jun 30 2015 Morgan Johnston
23,925.00 Jun 30 2014 Morgan Johnston


Plan Alignment:
Year Target Value

Metric Topic

Tracking Date Type

Fiscal Year [July - June]