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Key Objective: 14. Purchasing Standards for Energy Conservation

Use standards more aggressive than Energy Star for appliances.

Modify campus purchasing standards for appliances to reflect iCAP commitments.

Associated Metric

6.1 Percent of Paper Purchased from OfficeMax with Recycled-Content


"Other purchasing policies include energy efficient electronic equipment and appliances. ENERGY STAR® rated items are required unless justified economically. While it is difficult to track all appliance purchases on campus, campus has seen an increase of 10 percent in the purchase of ENERGY STAR® computers. Other improvements can be seen in fiscal year 2009, when approximately 35 percent of paper purchases were of recycled content and approximately 20 percent of cleaning materials and equipment were Green Seal certified."


Project History

  • 7/18/2023

    F&S Policy on the purchase of paper states that, "When purchasing paper for copiers and printers, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified products with a minimum of 30 percent recycled content must be selected."

  • 12/8/2022

    On December 8th, the Zero Waste iCAP team met to discuss a new approach to creating recommendations for next semester.