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Key Objective: 16. Lighting Sensors Project

Install a wide deployment of occupancy and daylight sensors.

Install occupancy sensors in top 80 buildings by 2015 and the remainder by 2020.  Install daylight sensors in all campus buildings by 2020, at 10% per year.

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"The campus is in the process of retrofitting older T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures by replacing them with more energy-efficient T8 (or T5) fixtures and electronic ballasts. The lighting retrofit proposed in the SAIC report would reduce campus energy consumption by ~1.6 percent; a very small amount of this is due to the use of occupancy sensors and day lighting controls. Extending this retrofit to smaller campus buildings, replacing other lighting fixtures (besides T-12s), and a wide deployment of both occupancy and daylight sensors (which can reduce lighting use by 20 percent to 80 percent depending on location) should be able to provide significantly more energy savings than predicted in the SAIC report. The campus target for lighting is 2 percent."

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Project History

  • 1/12/2021

    I would note that the room level controls at the National Soybean Research Center have been upgraded to DDC in the past year.  We plan to do

  • 9/22/2020

    Attached are the final project selection results for this year's Revolving Loan Fund, via Joshua Whitson. A big thanks to everyone who submitted projects and to those who support the Revolving Loan Fund.