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Key Objective: 62. Short Term Sustainable Landscape Projects

Sp. 2010 prairie in No Mow Zone on Florida Ave.

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"The University has identified and implemented seven No Mow Zones across campus. Benefits from this effort include lower maintenance costs, fewer emissions from mowers, and attracting wildlife to campus. Eventually some of these areas may be restored to a true prairie. In June 2009, two small prairie plantings (1/4th acre total) were installed at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Another 2.5 acre No Mow Zone is in the planning stages for prairie restoration in spring 2010."

Associated Project

Project History

  • 6/14/2021

    As a part of the terms of the funding agreement for Meadow at Orchard Downs Low Mow Zones, the Student Sustainability Committee released a semesterly report with key information about the project on June 14, 2021.

  • 5/17/2018

    Grounds will be mowing the low mow zones throughout Orchard Downs and Vet Med tomorrow into early next week.  This is necessary to control the noxious weeds and tree sapl