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Key Objective: 61. No Net Increase in Campus Space

No net increase in space by 2012, including aux. units and rentals. Freeze on new buildings and additions once current planned projects are completed.  Any new space must decommission an equivalent existing space, and retrofits may not increase building energy consumption.

Associated Metric

No metric specified for this objective


"A “no net increase” in building square footage (after current planned projects are completed), aggressive energy and green standards for any new or renovation projects, and the elimination of some of the existing building stock, will help us achieve GHG emission neutrality."

Associated Project

Project History

  • 2/27/2023

    The Energy iCAP Team Met on 2/27/23 to discuss the progress of submitted recommendations and develop new recommendations.

  • 1/30/2023

    The Energy iCAP Team met on January 30th, 2023 to discuss recommendations on building energy efficiency and revitalizing the energy scholars council at UIUC.