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Improve Space Utilization (Ongoing)

Recent Project Updates

  • 2/27/2023

    The Energy iCAP Team Met on 2/27/23 to discuss the progress of submitted recommendations and develop new recommendations.

  • 1/30/2023

    The Energy iCAP Team met on January 30th, 2023 to discuss recommendations on building energy efficiency and revitalizing the energy scholars council at UIUC.


The iCAP 2020 objective 2.2.1 is to "Improve efficiency of space use by minimizing the square footage per person and updating the Space Policy." The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is the Provost Office.

The Net Zero Space Growth Policy was enacted to halt the growth in gross square footage of campus buildings; to support the goal of reducing the campus footprint over time through more efficient space utilization; to fulfill the commitment under the 2010 Illinois Climate Action Plan to enact a "no net increase in space" policy and to reduce energy usage through conservation measures; and to meet the pledge in the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment in 2008 to reduce the campus’ greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.


The Net Zero Space Growth Policy started in FY10, but it was not fully in effect until FY15. According to this policy, when buildings are demolished or leases are vacated, their gross square footage is added to a “square footage bank” held by the provost’s office. As of the end of FY16, the square footage bank and the total square footage on campus has been quite stable.  

A proposed project needs to be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor’s Capital Review Committee (CCRC). If the proposed project would add square footage, then it needs to reduce square footage elsewhere on campus or request the use of space in the provost’s square footage bank.  Facilities & Services (F&S) has a list of facilities on a demolition plan, identified as buildings without ADA compliance and with low energy efficiency.  

Modern building standards typically require more square footage for accessibility and mechanical needs. To prevent the needs for increases in square footage, our campus F&S examines the existing and new space requirements at a departmental level. The Associate Director for Space Utilization Jill Maxey is responsible for identifying underutilized spaces and reassigning them for other purposes. In addition, the campus has updated its software system for the comprehensive space audit, which will have the record for the whole campus square footage updated once a year.



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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Helen Coleman

    Project Leader:

    Matthew Tomaszewski


  • Proposed May 15, 2010
    Proposed by 2010 iCAP
    Approved June 10, 2015
    Approved by Office of the Provost
    Started July 1, 2015
    Started by Office of the Provost