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2015 iCAP Objectives

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These are projects that link one-to-one to objectives specifically listed in the 2015 iCAP.

Latest Updates

  • 11/17/2022

    The next steps for the project progress would be to review the past BFU applications from 2011 - 2019 to understand the stage we as a university are at currently and would help to identify, compare and contrast the work across these timelines to i

  • 11/17/2022

    In the past weeks,  Aparna reviewed the  BFU Application to understand the scope of work, did research/literature review work, and familiarized herself with the current i

Full iCAP Project Hierarchy

The following listing of all iCAP projects highlights the ones which are part of this Collection. Click the "Expand all" link to show the entire listing of iCAP projects.