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Project Updates for collection: 2015 iCAP Objectives


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  1. Task Report for Tushar Kokitkar from 10/3 to 11/15

    Here is a list of tasks I have worked on and continue to work on:

    Tasks completed

    • SSC Application for ‘Shipping containers for bike storage’ (in progress)
      • Drafted and submitted the step 1 application
      • Attended SSC working group meeting
      • Currently working on step 2 application
      • Prepared the site plan and internal layout for the project
    • ‘Learn how to ride a bike’ event:
      • Supervised and helped organizing the event
      • Documented and prepared a report and presentation about the event held on 10/07/2023
    • Events attended:
      • All-Employee Expo and helped set up F&S booth
      • Green Quad day and helped set up Bike at Illinois booth
      • Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference
    • iCAP portal:
      • Read the iCAP 2020 plan
      • Added a project update about the ‘Learn How to Ride a Bike’ event
      • Updated eco-counter metrics on the portal
      • Updated ‘Campus Sustainability Tour’ project
      • Added a new project ‘Sustainability tour on bike’ (in progress)
      • Attended iCAP portal bi-weekly meeting
    • Sustainability Tour on Bike: in progress
      • Created the map showing the route for the tour
    • Documented and prepared a report about the condition of three bike paths within campus.
    • Eco-counters:
      • Collected the data for October 2023 and updated the metrics on iCAP portal
      • Collected the data for November 2023
    • Readings:
      • iCAP 2020
      • Bicycle Facilities Standard
      • 2014 Campus Bike Plan
      • Progress reports of 2019, 2022, and 2023 for the Campus Bike Plan.
      • 2023 Bicycle Friendly University application
      • TDM plan and FY22 TDM plan achievement report
    • Bike racks for Arcade building and Talbot Laboratory:
      • Documented the bike parking area
      • Prepared bike rack layouts on AutoCAD for both the buildings.

    Current tasks

    • 2024 campus bike plan draft
    • Working on the SSC step 2 application
  2. Task Report for Sam Wuebbles from 10/2 to 11/7

    Here are the things I have been working on:

    • Material Research Lab bicycle rack design - in progress 
    • First social media post flyer (needs approval) - in progress
    • Other social media topics
      • 11/14 - bike fun facts
      • 11/21 - Fall Break
      • 11/28 - proper way to ride
      • 12/5 - (finals) proper way to store bicycle over break
      • *other events, topics, or positive bike riding examples* (I just remember you saying that you wanted a post a week)
    • Field work
      • bicycle rack placements
      • eco counter
    • Eco Counter
      • collected data
      • updated data in metrix
    • Created survey for dangerous areas / cautions for congestion bike paths / sidewalks on campus
    • iCAP
    • Readings
      • comp plans and informational bike readings
        • Examples: 5 E's, Campus Bike Plan (old and new), Bike at Illinois, etc.
    • ADA complaint
      • on the backside of learning about and understanding the complaint and seeing future takes.
    • worked for the staff information meeting at State Farm
    • attended the "Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control" (10/24)
  3. Weekly meeting with Ethan

    Sarthak & Ethan Meeting 11/3

    Campus landscape master plan 

    • where there is a map, see if there is anything related to trails or sidewalks, see where they are mentioned, try to include that in our plan 
    • Include: Implement campus landscape master plan
    • Page 25
    • Main quad district (we can use the image on page 66)
    • On Monday, begin process of pulling out data from landscape plan 
    • Work in person on Wednesday at 1pm

    Evaluation section

    • Add implement campus landscape master plan 


    • put projects on the list from landscape plan 
    • Can use the images from the plan

    Wednesday we will organize the document 

    Equity and accessibility section

    • only talk about how we want Ada accessible

    Existing Conditions

    • can minimize words, do not need as much details 

    Crash Data

    • update graph 

    Landscape plan excel:

    • Look at bike factors in its goals/recommendations 
    • Any bike related projects, take note of them, and where they are located
  4. Meeting notes with Ethan Garcia - Capstone project

    Prepare outline for bike audit

    • how to do it
    • What will we need
    • What information do I need
    • What information are we trying to get out of this
    • How are we trying to do this 
    • What resources will we need (GIS)
    • When are we doing the audit 
    • When do we think we can finish it (number of hours, dates not necessary)
    • Condition assessments of bike rack 
    • Looking at rack itself and concrete 


    Re-familiarize self with stuff


    Black racks are ground mounted, we want bike racks on rails (gray ones)


    Only university owned bike racks and paths 

  5. Weekly Sustainable Transportation meeting with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel

    On 07/24/2023,  Sarthak, Nathaniel and Hrushikesh had a weekly meeting to discuss on Weekly Progress of the current projects that we are working on. Please refer to the file attached to view the Weekly Progress.

    Nathaniel's Weekly Progress - 

    • Visited Round Barns for Bike Inventory
    • Campus-wide survey to check for remaining abandoned bikes.
    • In-Office Bike related accessories inventory.

    Hrushikesh's Weekly Progress -  

    • Shared used Path Length demarcation ArcGIS for the Bike Friendly University Application (BFU)
    • Work on Campus Bicycle Master Plan
    • Champaign County Bike Month Planning Team Meeting
    • Meeting with UIPD for Field Maps Training
    • ICAP documentation
  6. archived info - previous project description

    The 2015 iCAP, chapter 8, objective 1 is, "By the end of FY16, conduct a Request for Proposals process for verified carbon offsets — and undertake the first campus purchase of offsets." iSEE is developing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for purchasing carbon credits, aka carbon offsets.

    iSEE is developing the technical specifications for a Request for Bids (RFB) for purchasing carbon credits, aka carbon offsets in FY17. These will be used both to replace the carbon credits sold from calendar year 2016, and as a starting inventory for the Virtual Storeroom.

    During this process, iSEE will develop detailed specifications for carbon offsets to ensure that all purchased offsets are additional (in the sense that they enable reductions beyond business-as-usual), measurable, conservative (to ensure reductions are not overstated), permanent, independently verified, trackable, and transparent. The 2015 iCAP intended to have an RFP done by the end of FY16, and the current schedule will have the purchase completed by the end of FY17.


    Because campus sells carbon credits through the Carbon Credit Purchasing Program (C2P2) at Second Nature, we need to replace those boutique carbon credits with carbon offsets.  By the end of FY17, we will buy 103,000 carbon offsets (equivalent to 103,000 tons of greenhouse gasses not being released into the atmosphere) to replace those sold from calendar year 2016.

    Additionally, in the same RFB, we will purchase 10,000 additional carbon offsets which will be used to set up a new virtual storeroom to allow campus units to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions, for example from air travel to scholarly meetings.

  7. Weekly Sustainable Transportation meeting with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel

    On 07/20/2023,  Sarthak, Nathaniel and Hrushikesh had a weekly meeting to discuss on Weekly Progress of the current projects that we are working on.

    Meeting Notes:

    - Campus Bike Plan 2024

    - Abandoned Bikes Project Inventory Documentation Completion

    - Bike Parking Rack Design

    - Research on Permeable Pavers and Bike Shelter

    - Discussion on the Next week's Tasks regarding Bike Audit

    - Bike Census


  8. Weekly meeting with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel

    Sarthak met with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel on 7/13/2023 together to discuss the weekly meetings. This was the first Sustainable Transportation weekly intern meeting.

    Sarthak explained the layout for these meetings in the future. Hrushikesh and Nathaniel would lead these meetings going forward. They will report on the progress made in the previous week and go over their to-do list for the current week and the week after. They will send Sarthak their weekly progress report in form of Word or Excel or some other form and share it with the Sustainable Transportation team.

    These meetings will be held weekly until the semester begins.

  9. Weekly Meeting with Nathaniel and Hrushikesh

    On 07/13/2023, Sarthak had a meeting with Nathaniel and Hrushikesh to get a Weekly progress report and to set next week's tasks.

    - Set a structure for Weekly Meetings

    - Discussion on Bike Friendly University (BFU), Bike Racks Locations and their design Plans, Campus Bike Plan 2024, and the Abandoned Bicycles Project.

    - Gave an overview of the i-Cap Portal and Bike Friendly University (BFU) to Nathaniel.

    - Potential Encouragement project on Social Media: Making a Rules of the Road Video.  

  10. Explained the Campus Bike Plan update project to students

    Sarthak met with Hrushikesh Chavan (Master of Architecture student) and Nathaniel Nevins (Bachelors in Landscape Architecture) separately to explain the Campus Bike Plan 2024 update. These students will read up the 2014 Campus Bike Plan, the progress reports, and other documents shared with them to learn more and recommend suggestions for this new Plan.

  11. 4 new EVs and new EV charging stations installed

    F&S has received 4 new Ford F-150 Lightnings all electric trucks, bringing the total to 6 Ford Lightnings and 1 Ford e-Transit cargo van for F&S fleet.

    We have also installed another level-2 Ford dual point smart chargers on the south side of PPSB and we are working on the installation on another one. We have 2 more chargers to install. The Charging Stations installations are being done using the SSC funding.