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Project Updates for collection: 2015 iCAP Objectives


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  1. Developing PCI Targets document and comments

    Associated Project(s): 

    Attached is an article that details the development of Performance Cost Index Targets.

    Below are comments made by Tom Keller on the article:


    • Out of Date Reference - The referenced items are from early 2016 and reference ASHRAE-90.1-2013. These are not our current codes/standards and Appendix G has changed since 2013.
    • UIUG Goals - 25% new construction and 20% major renovation (for UIUC Standard facilities) is indeed appropriate. It was developed in a collaborative effort with the UIUC stakeholders and analyzed by qualified professional to be reasonable and considerate of our goals. Is someone (possibly UES) suggesting that we should lower the efficiency goals?
    • Standards – The standards were not developed completely by me. These standards were developed in a highly collaborative effort and analyzed by qualified professionals (including myself) to be appropriate and practical.
    • They are for the most part currently assigned to Morgan and myself.
    • Personal Agendas/due diligence – Please further clarify this. I have not found this to be true (quite the opposite in fact). Can you provide specific examples of this?
    • TJK comment – A single consultant (IMEG) and a single non-standard project (Undergrad Library) have expressed/had difficulty with meeting the goal. On one occasion IMEG was indeed able to comply and be within the project established parameters (DIA – Ubben). For UL, a proper variance was approved for 17.4% in lieu of full 20% based mainly on the archival special processes.
      • NOTE – Based on this, Jim S. and I collaborated on “scrubbing” the standards (assigned to me) this round. We did find some confusing wording that was clarified and may help the consultants (IMEG) in the future. This was also collaborated with Morgan W., Rob R., and Scott W. (as I recall).
    Attached Files: 
  2. iCAP update presented at Senate Committee on Campus Operations

    These iSEE representatives presented an update of key efforts underway for the iCAP 2020: iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability Dr. Jennifer Fraterrigo, iSEE Associate director for Education and outreach Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Sustainability Programs Manager Meredith Moore, F&S Associate Director for Sustainability Morgan White, and Sustainability Academic Advisor Eric Green. the key topics were:

    • Earth Month
    • Clean Power
    • Plastic Waste Reduction
    • Environmental Leadership Program
    • Sustainability Gen Ed efforts

    The following links were also sent to be shared with the committee:

    Also, if anyone is interested in participating in one of the Topical iCAP Teams, as a faculty member, please let us know. The topics are listed on the iCAP Portal at


  3. Residence Hall Research Site Email

    Below is an email sent by Dr. Edwin Herricks to Morgan White regarding a research site to study stormwater mitigation designs.




    You may not know, but some time ago I led a project to create a research site on the parking lot across from the residence halls to study parking lot stormwater mitigation designs.  Of importance we installed a weir for a gauging capability for the lot discharge.  Unfortunately, the U did not proceed with the lot improvements so the weir simply sits.


    Art Schmidt is aware of this and over the years I have encouraged him to take advantage of the infrastructure. 


    Hopefully if you know about this capability you may find some use for it.



  4. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) spring 2022

    Please see attached the final presentation for the CTAC spring 2022. We also talked about abandoned bicycles and Campus Landscape Master Plan during this meeting. Also watch the meeting recording and read the chat from during the meeting:

  5. Illinois ECE Celebrates Earth Week

    Associated Project(s): 

    "Earth Week is a great opportunity for us to reflect on what the extended ECE family has done and can continue to do to make Earth a better place for all living beings." - Illinois ECE

    Illinois ECE has gathered a sampling of the contributions their faculty, staff, and students have made to environmental sustainability.

    The sampling can be seen here:


  6. Two 100% all electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning trucks purchased for F&S fleet

    From: Varney, Peter W
    Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 12:38 PM
    To: FandS Executive Management Team ; Gordon, Malikah Asrayyah ; Breitwieser, Steven
    Cc: Patterson, Shawn L ; Franzen, Neil
    Subject: Ford Lightnings for F&S

    As mentioned this morning, I have been able to secure two of the brand new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for F&S. These are all-electric crew cab pickup trucks with a ~200 mile range. The vehicles are equipped with a 9.6kW power system including multiple 120V and a single 240V outlet. Cargo payload is only about 1,600# or 2/3 of a standard F-150.

    These vehicles should allow for my team to gain familiarity with all-electric vehicles in our fleet as well as campus visibility regarding F&S’ commitment to sustainable fleet technology. I believe one of the vehicles would be a good fit in my Transportation Shop but I’m open to suggestions for the second truck. ETA will be in the June/July timeframe.

    Malikah – I want your team to be aware for any story/messaging opportunities. I also think we can use some special signage or wrap on the vehicle exterior.

    Pete W Varney
    Transportation & Building Services
    Facilities & Services
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  7. Video Case Studies of Sustainable UIUC Campus Buildings

    From: Shanmugam Narayan, Vinothni

    To: White, Morgan

    Recipients: mbwhite at


    Hello Morgan,


    I have shared the NCEL & HSL plans, newsletter, and Earth month schedule with my team. Thank you so much for sharing those.


    I have also attached a link for case study videos that my concept team students created for one of the activities I planned last semester.


    Thanks for initiating to include their work on the website.  Have a nice day!



    Vinothni Narayan Icon</p> <p>Description automatically generated

    Graduate – Masters | Class of Dec 2022

    Civil and Environmental Engineering | Construction Engineering and Management

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  | +1 (217)-200-2817


  8. Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) process for the sample of students for Mode Choice Survey

    Associated Project(s): 

    Since iNews Newsletter does not allow surveys, F&S TDM had to get permission from DMI and Student Affairs to reach out to a large populations of Undergraduate students.

    Sarthak Prasad requested Division of Management Information (DMI) a sample of randomly selected Undergraduate students for the Mode Choice Survey in last week of February. DMI asked to complete the Student Affairs Research Approval (SARA) application to sample 5,000 UG students. Sarthak Prasad filled out the SARA request on March 1, 2022. Dr. Beth Hoag approved the SARA request to sample 5,000 UG students and forwarded it to the DMI contacts. 

    Ting Lu from DMI created 2 identical groups of randomly selected 5,000 UG student emails and shared them with Sarthak Prasad on 3/18/22 via Webtools. Each group could only be used once.

    There was a $16/hour cost to create a sample - overall cost was $64.

  9. Illinois Solar Renewables Resources

    Associated Project(s): 

    For Homeowners:

    Citizens Utility Board (Community Solar) -

    EnergySage -

    Google Sunroof -

    IL Solar Energy Association (IL Solar Ambassadors and vendor lists) -


    For specialized organizations:

    Midwest Renewable Energy Association -

    Clean Energy Buyers Association -

    Elevate -



    City of Chicago -

    Cook County -

    Illinois Solar for All (Community Solar) -

    Illinois Shines -

    EPA (Solar Resources) -