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Developing PCI Targets document and comments

Posted by Quinn Connolly on April 29, 2022

Attached is an article that details the development of Performance Cost Index Targets.

Below are comments made by Tom Keller on the article:


  • Out of Date Reference - The referenced items are from early 2016 and reference ASHRAE-90.1-2013. These are not our current codes/standards and Appendix G has changed since 2013.
  • UIUG Goals - 25% new construction and 20% major renovation (for UIUC Standard facilities) is indeed appropriate. It was developed in a collaborative effort with the UIUC stakeholders and analyzed by qualified professional to be reasonable and considerate of our goals. Is someone (possibly UES) suggesting that we should lower the efficiency goals?
  • Standards – The standards were not developed completely by me. These standards were developed in a highly collaborative effort and analyzed by qualified professionals (including myself) to be appropriate and practical.
  • They are for the most part currently assigned to Morgan and myself.
  • Personal Agendas/due diligence – Please further clarify this. I have not found this to be true (quite the opposite in fact). Can you provide specific examples of this?
  • TJK comment – A single consultant (IMEG) and a single non-standard project (Undergrad Library) have expressed/had difficulty with meeting the goal. On one occasion IMEG was indeed able to comply and be within the project established parameters (DIA – Ubben). For UL, a proper variance was approved for 17.4% in lieu of full 20% based mainly on the archival special processes.
    • NOTE – Based on this, Jim S. and I collaborated on “scrubbing” the standards (assigned to me) this round. We did find some confusing wording that was clarified and may help the consultants (IMEG) in the future. This was also collaborated with Morgan W., Rob R., and Scott W. (as I recall).