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Committee on Natural Areas (Ongoing)


The Committee on Natural Areas is responsible for maintaining and managing University of Illinois owned properties which have been acquired to enhance environmental/ ecological research and education. The role of CNA is to provide and facilitate long-term research and teaching opportunities on University-owned properties. Sites are managed to protect both the integrity of the ecological systems and the bological research that takes place on them.

Ten University properties are currently under the direct supervision of the Committee on Natural Areas:

  • Brownfield Woods 
  • CCDC/Collins Woods 
  • Funk Forest
  • Hart Woods 
  • Nanney Research Area 
  • Phillips Tract
  • Richter Research Area
  • Rutan Research Area 
  • Trelease Woods 
  • Trelease Prairie

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Jamie Ellis


Project Location(s)

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