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Build Resilience with Our Local Community (Ongoing)


As a twin-cities campus, one of the university’s greatest assets is its proximity to strong communities. Our history of climate resilience proves that time and again, we benefit from mutual support; this has also been true as each community has taken proactive measures to increase resilience to COVID-19. Though Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, and the University are independent entities, we are all immeasurably stronger when functioning as a unit. Our resilience strategies will prove stronger as well; for example, strategies to improve air quality and encourage pollinator-supportive plantings will be exponentially more beneficial should we leverage our combined resources.


The purpose of this project is to fund professional staff project managerial support at 20 hours per week for six months to advance the resilience objectives in the iCAP. Previously, a half-time internal-to-campus position was created to support Resilience Theme Objectives beginning September 16, 2021 through March, 15, 2022. Work conducted in service of the Resilience theme in one month’s time has proven the need for continued human resource capacity to progress climate resilience efforts. A major priority for this project is the planning and implementation of engaging the campus community, surrounding communities, community partners, and stakeholders in the development of an Environmental Justice Plan that assesses metro area resilience and actively addresses related issues (iCAP objective 8.3). This project extends the support for initiating plans and reaching milestones for Resilience theme work through 2022 including:

  • Providing support for the Urban Biodiversity Master Plan (iCAP 8.1),
  • Coordinated Rainwater Management Plans (iCAP 8.2),
  • Environmental Justice Plan (iCAP 8.3 as previously stated),
  • Taking leadership in pressing sustainability challenges (iCAP 8.4),
  • Inventorying Green Jobs (iCAP 8.5),
  • Supporting Vision Zero (iCAP 8.6),
  • Establishing Local Offsets Program (iCAP 8.7).

Weekly progress updates will be expected on the iCAP Portal, and monthly progress updates will be expected at the Resilience iCAP Team meetings.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Meredith Moore

    Project Leader:

    Meredith Moore

    Team Members:

    • Stacy Gloss


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