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Local Sustainability Issues (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates

  • 9/9/2022

    The Resilience iCAP Team had its first online meeting of the year on Friday, September 9th from 2:00 - 3:00 PM.

  • 4/27/2022

    A team of Design for America students worked on a year-long project diving into cell phone and electronic waste. The attached poster is the culmination of their work across the '21/'22 school year.

Key Objective


The iCAP 2020 objective 8.4 is to "Take leadership in addressing the most pressing sustainability challenges in our local communities through collaboration with local governments and related community groups, by forming an advi-sory panel for coordinating efforts across jurisdictional boundaries. By FY24, select at least three major local sustainability issues to address and identify lead agency and key stakeholders." The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is iSEE.

As we conduct inventories and form strategies to address sustainability and environmental justice challenges in our local communities, we want to ensure that the issues we seek to address are treated with integrity. We seek depth and durability in the solutions we implement. We are not aiming for quick fixes, but for long-term environmental and economic sustainability. By pouring our time, effort, and resources into several key issues and collaborating with local stakeholders on the finer points of each, we can ensure that they will be completed to the best of our ability.


A particular issue that merits consideration is the 5th and Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign, centered just two blocks north of University Avenue. After identifying key issues to focus on, we will take steps to ensure that our solutions are born out of collaboration and supported at the highest possible level. This will involve forming relationships with key stakeholders from the university, Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. The Resilience SWATeam will function as an advisory panel for the coordination of projects between the four cooperating entities.

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