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Key Objective: 6.4 Appropriately Staff Zero Waste Efforts

The 2015 iCAP, chapter 6, objective 4 is "Appropriately staff Zero Waste efforts through the hiring of a full-time Zero Waste Coordinator."

Associated Metric

No metric specified for this objective


The strategies outlined here require additional staff time.  These Zero Waste efforts would involve coordinating the campus efforts to improve the sustainability of our purchasing practices, to encourage the reuse of materials both on and off campus, and to improve recycling rates for MSW and other types of waste.  Zero Waste staff would interface with University Purchasing, Facilities & Services, and units and students across campus.


Project History

  • 5/30/2023

    All, We were closed yesterday for the Memorial Day holiday.

    Last week I moved bikes out of the barn. We’re not 100% done but only have 25 or so bikes left.

  • 5/22/2023

    All, Last week we started our Summer Hours of M/W/F 2 – 6p. No complaints so far and if visit numbers are any indication, it’s the correct move. A lot fewer folks through the doors this time of year.