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Wind Turbine Proposed Location

61802 Urbana , IL
United States

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Projects at this location

Project Description
Broad Agency Announcement

Projects must be related to the agency's responsibilities for maintaining and improving the viability of marine and coastal ecosystems, for delivering valuable weather, climate, and water information and services, for understanding the science and consequences of climate change, and for supporting the global commerce and transportation upon which we all depend.

Advanced Grid and Research Development

This program accelerates discovery and innovation in electric transmission and distribution technologies and create "next generation" devices, software, tools, and techniques to help modernize the electric grid. 

Wind Energy Technologies Office

The Wind Energy Technologies office invests in activities that enable the innovations needed to advance U.S. wind systems, while continuing to address market and deployment barriers, including siting and environmental impacts. WETO is dedicated to driving down the cost of wind energy with more efficient, more reliable, and more predictable wind energy systems.

Energy for Sustainability

The program supports fundamental engineering research that will enable innovative processes for the sustainable production of electricity and fuels, and for energy storage. These processes must be environmentally benign, reduce greenhouse gas production, and use renewable resources.

Wind Turbine Generator(s) on South Farms

Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) on South Farms was originally proposed by Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS) in 2003, and led to the formation of the the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) in 2005. The project proposed the installation of up to three wind turbines on campus to show the university's intent to invest in renewable energy. Even though the project was approved in 2005, it never took off and was eventually cancelled by the Chancellor in 2008.

Project Updates

  • 8/2/2022

    From: Marta Monti <marta@

  • 3/11/2011

    In March 2011, John Dempsey, then Executive Director of Facilities and Services, signed the conservation plan for the State Threatened Franklin's ground squirrel at the South Farms location (for wind turbine installation).