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10-31-22 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on October 31, 2022

On October 31, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

Attendance: Pete Varney, Thurman Etchison, Shreya Mahajan, Daphne Hulse, Tony Mancuso


  1. State Farm Center will accommodate an outdoor recycling receptacle on the zero waste game day (to keep trash and recycling separated, easier to compare final weights).

    1. Temporary for this game. Need to get creative about a permanent solution.

    2. Next step: coordinating blue plastic bags for the indoor recycling containers.

  2. Volunteer and Giveaway t-shirt renderings.

    1. Goal to receive the shirts by 11/11.

  3. Student volunteer recruiting:

    1. iSEE Newsletter Tuesday 11/1 will generally advertise the event

    2. iSEE Newsletter Tuesday 11/8 will solicit for volunteers if we have not hit the 40-50 target

  4. Pre-game trivia questions:

    1. F&S Zero Waste Team will take the lead on this.

  5. OSU MyCup Program — survey findings?

  6. Updated contact list (with Coca-Cola contacts included).

  7. SSLC attempting to connect with Illini Pride and Orange Krush leadership, no response yet. Part-time staff advisor at the SSC is attempting to make contact, too.

  8. Post-game feedback:

    1. Circle back with Marty to see if a QR code with a link to questions is possible. “Let us know your feedback.”

    2. Keep it short:

      1. “Did you notice that this was a zero waste event?” YES / NO

      2. “Do you support having more emphasis on recycling in future games?” YES / NO

  9. Get the zero waste game as a iSEE Certified Green Event.

    1. F&S Zero Waste Team will take the lead on this.

  10. Green Sports Alliance — Meredith, Daphne, Betsy Liggett + Colleen Ruhter (Safety and Compliance) met with two Green Sports Alliance representatives (Bradley Vogel and Matt Adler)

    1. Play to Zero platform.

    2. Safety and Compliance worked with Procurement to process a GSA annual membership.

    3. Discussed how to get Athletics to take initiative on sustainability programs, and to transition contact with GSA to them

      1. Focus on resource + cost savings (F&S tracks all of the waste from Athletics facilities as of July 1st 2022). Betsy and Colleen are investigating if we can track their energy + water use.

      2. Next step: Set up a meeting with the GSA Director + UIUC Athletics Leadership (those who are interested)

    4. Simultaneously, the Zero Waste iCAP team is attempting to find student athletes would be interested in joining our iCAP meetings

      1. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

      2. Invited Tim Knox, Assistant Athletic Dir of Facilities/Capital Projects (Engagement iCAP team) to our next iCAP meeting

Long-term thinking

  1. Recycling bin infrastructure:

    1. 16,000 seats at State Farm Center.

      1. 10,000 of the seats are accessed on floor 2.

      2. 4 concession counters accessed on floor 2.

    2. No recycling bins on floor 2.

      1. Encourage permanent infrastructure on this floor.

      2. Zero Waste iCAP team would like to submit a formal recommendation — is this the best route?

  2. Concessionaire — Oak View Group.

    1. Achieve a higher diversion rate at future events by addressing concession waste.

      1. Drinks (cans and bottles) are plastic #1 and #2.

      2. There are paper cups with plastic lining + souvenir cups which can’t be recycled.

      3. None of the food containers (paper cartons, aluminum foil, cardboard containers, paper wrappers) will not be recyclable (and no infrastructure for composting).

      4. Look to other Big Ten schools as models of success (F&S Zero Waste Team is working on creating a Big Ten waste management comparison report).

  3. Illini Lights Out as a model for student engagement:

    1. Dedicated, consistent group of students interested in assisting with sustainability at athletic events.

    2. Meredith is working on creating a listserv of trained volunteers.

    3. Utilize the opportunity of service fraternities and sororities looking to get involved in the community (tailgating).