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11-7-22 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on November 7, 2022

On November 7, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

  1. Digital signage rendering — feedback?

    1. Making the tagline “Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste” bigger.

    2. Reducing Coca-Cola script.

    3. Adding logos of iSEE and F&S.

    4. Add Certified Green Event logo?

  2. Volunteer sign up sheet — we have reached 49 student volunteers!

    1. Volunteer training — added into the vision and roadmap document.

      1. Daphne (+ potentially F&S interns) will be attending the November 11th game to see how basketball games operate.

  3. Event has been advertised on Eweek, iNews, and GradLink as of this Sunday (11-6).

  4. YAH Agency: content capture at the basketball game — sending a film crew.

  5. State Farm Center: blue bags.

    1. Shawn & Daphne attempting to get blue recycling bags implemented at State Farm Center ahead of the November 14th game (potentially by the November 11th game).

      1. Allow us to benchmark general recycling at a basketball game (we don’t currently have this) vs a highly engaged, recycling-focused event.

  6. The basketball game is a Certified Green Event!

    1. Would iSEE able to advertise this?

  7. 10 question pre-game trivia: will be posted on the game day app.

  8. Post-game feedback questions — reached out to Marty.

  9. Solar picnic tables:

    1. Need dimensions from Jake to check with F&S storage space.

    2. Concern: do we know if ARC would even end up approving the design, come spring?

  10. OSU MyCup survey results?