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2018 International Freezer Challenge - 1st place internationally

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on March 15, 2019

We Won 1st place internationally in the Institutional category for last year’s efforts!

My Green Labs and I2SL hosted the 2018 International Freezer Challenge see category winners here

Place Photo here

Worldwide recognition published through these media outlets:

Lab Manager Magazine, Cold Storage March 2019

Published article with participants quoted for expert advice here  

Nature Magazine feature published in Oct. 2018 (see attached PDF)

S-Labs highlights our achievements in their short-listed profiles here (PDF of short list attached)

ISEE and Facilities & Services published news releases U of I Wins Freezer Challenge & 2018 International Freezer Challenge Champions

Highlights from lab efforts in 2018

Achievements from researchers in the 2018 competition!

# of labs submitted score sheets


# of freezers/ refrigerators impacted


# of units defrosted and/or cleaned coils


# of units retired due to no longer needed


# of units replaced with a more efficient model


# of units that were cleaned out and/or removed samples


# of units where you updated or created new  inventories


# of samples moved from colder to warmer storage 


# of units created a searchable digital inventory


# of units containing a Barcoded inventory


# of units shared among research groups


# of researchers that registered labs


# of individual labs registered


Goal for this year is to DOUBLE last year’s participation of 45 labs in 17 buildings and energy reduction, which totaled an estimated 720 kWh/day from October 2017 through June 2018. The annual total of 262,800 kWh of electricity saved during the competition is the approximate equivalent of the yearly energy used by 25 typical U.S. homes.

We can repeat the WIN; so far, the CDC is the only group to win twice in their division.

Join us


Thank you

Paul Foote

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