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Agenda for meeting

Posted by Morgan White on September 28, 2014

Dear Colleagues:

I have asked Tina Candler to schedule a meeting of our group for as soon as possible.

I have attached the our Fall 2014 report….

In preparation for our next meeting, please read the report and think about the following

1. Should the transportation iCAP targets be modified?

2. For each of the iCAP targets how should we modify the previous year’s report?  Are there new strategies or action steps that we should be proposing?

3. Are there additional strategies to reduce transpiration emissions we have no thought of?

4. Can we make proposals about additional data collection that would help to advance the interests of ICAP in the area of transportation.

Please come to our next meeting prepared to discuss the above.  If you would like to edit our Fall 2014 report prior to the meeting, feell free to do so.

Best wishes


Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko, PhD
Shahid and Ann Carlson Khan Professor and Head

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health