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Projects Updates for Transportation iCAP Team


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  1. Introductory conversation with Prairie Research Institute (PRI)

    On May 2, 2022, F&S staff and the Transportation iCAP Team representatives met with Prairie Research Institute (PRI) to provide a background to the iCAP objective of Fleet Replacement Plans. The PRI team was very interested in this project, and confirmed that they will have discussions internally about how to move forward. Sarthak Prasad will follow up with PRI in July for any update.

    Here is the recording from this meeting:

    Also attached is the F&S Fleet plan and the transcript from this meeting.

    This meeting was attended by:

    Sarthak Prasad (host), Morgan White (F&S), Pete Varney (F&S), Ria Kontou (CEE, Transportation iCAP Team co-chair), Jeff Stein (PRI), Shari Effert-Fanta (PRI), Alan Dudley (PRI), Adam Deany (PRI).

  2. Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership - Successful

    Dr. Ehab Kamarah, Executive Director of F&S, responded to Dr. Jennifer Fraterrigo, iSEE Associate Director of Campus Sustainability, with the following email:

    "This is to confirm that F&S team will form the EV Task Force with input from the Parking Advisory Committee."


    See submittal and Trans014 recommendation here.
    See transmittal and iWG assessment of Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership here. 

    For future updates, see the Electric Vehicle (EV) Task Force project page. 

  3. Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership - Transmitted

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership, the recommendation was transmitted to Dr. Ehab Kamarah on 3/29/22. 

    See iWG assessment of Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership attached. 
    See submittal of Trans014 EV Task Force here. 

  4. iWG Meeting Minutes 2-25-22

    The iWG met on 2-25-22 and discussed the Energy008 and Energy009 recommendations, Trans014, and plastic reduction initiatives. Andy Stumpf and Bill Rose, the Energy iCAP Team chairs, joined the meeting to discuss the two Energy recommendations. The meeting minutes are attached. 

    Attached Files: 
  5. Transportation iCAP Team February Meeting

    The Transportation iCAP team met on Thursday, 2/25/2022 at 4:00 P.M. and discussed the following topics:

    • Scoring for the upcoming walkability audit
    • Questions for an upcoming mode choice survey

    Further details are in attached documents.

  6. Faculty/Staff Carpool Survey

    The University of Illinois (UIUC) is interested in achieving its Climate Action Plan’s transportation sustainability goals by “reducing single-occupancy vehicle usage” and “promoting the use of electric vehicles” on campus. This survey is designed to evaluate the commuting needs of UIUC faculty and staff, so as to inform future actions on two fronts: (i) feasibility of developing a faculty/staff carpool service, and (ii) expanding electrified vehicle charging infrastructure on campus.

    Survey link: 

  7. Transportation iCAP Team January Meeting

    The Transportation iCAP team met on Thursday, January 27th from 4:00-5:00 P.M. The team discussed progress on the EV Task Force Member Recommendation, the fleet replacement plan recommendation, and two returned recommendations: the Carbon Credit program and the Carpool Survey.

    The team has decided to do further research into what a carpool system would look like at the U of I, and will discuss the matter further with insight from other schools at the next meeting. Progress will hopefully be made on the Fleet Replacement Plan Recommendation, as the team will be meeting with Pete Varney in the Parking Department soon.


    Further Information can be found in the attached document.

    Attached Files: 
  8. Trans014 Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership - Submitted

    The Transportation iCAP team submitted the following Electric Vehicle Task Force Membership recommendation on 12/20/21: 

    "We recommend a list of potential members to be considered to participate in the EV Task Force. We suggest Parking to review the list that the Transportation iCAP Team compiled and recommend members as they see fit." 


  9. Transportation Winter Meeting

    The Transportation team met briefly on December 3rd, 2021 to discuss a recommendation of members for a potential Electric Vehicle Task Force, and a potential recommendation for the Fleet replacement plans. Sarthak Prasad also gave a brief update on the Commuter Program which appears to be on track.

    Meeting Materials are attached.

  10. October Transportation iCAP Team Meeting

    The Transportation iCAP team met on Friday, October 29th for its monthly meeting. The team discussed the plans for the proposed Commuter Program, the Walkability Audit, and the Campus Transportation Advisory Committee. Additionally, steps will be taken to pick up the Fleet Replacement Recommendation and the EV Task Force Member Recommendation.

    Meeting Recording


  11. Transportation iCAP Team September 2021 Meeting

    The Transportation iCAP team met via zoom from 9:00 A.M.-10:30 A.M. on Wednesday, September 29th. This meeting featured an update on proposed telecommuting policies from Doctor James Gallaher, discussions on the iCAP Objectives Assessment and iCAP celebration, and a general review of the goals and projects of the committee.

  12. iCAP Team and iCAP Working Group Kickoff

    We had a great iCAP Team and iCAP Working Group Kickoff on 9/16/21! During the event, we heard from iSEE Interim Director, Dr. Madhu Khanna, went through the team rosters, iCAP Procedures, iCAP 2020 and progress made thus far, and lastly summarized other resources that sustainability advocates should be aware of. 

    The iCAP Teams and iCAP Working Group are instrumental in helping campus advance and achieve our sustainability goals and we look forward to a great year!

    The presentation is attached and the recording is found here

  13. iCAP Team Charge Letters

  14. archived info - previous project background

  15. IHR Telecommuting survey Executive Summary and questionairre response

    Robb Craddock, Senior Director - Labor & Employee Relations, provided a very informative and detailed response to the Telecommuting questionairre and Executive Summary of the IHR Telecommuting survey. Please see attached to learn more.

  16. iWG Meeting Minutes 5-14-21

    The iCAP Working Group met on 5-14-21. The agenda was as follows: 

    • Transportation iCAP Team presentation
    • Engagement iCAP Team presentation (presentation attached) 
    • Celebration of success ~ thank you!

    The Zoom recording is found here. (must download in order to view)

  17. 4/16/21 Transportation SWATeam Meeting

    Attached are the meeting minutes for the Transportation SWATeam meeting on 4/16. The agenda is as follows:

    • Commuter Program & Teleconferencing Policy Internship Update
    • Campus Fleet Replacement Plans Initiative Update
    • EV Task Force Draft Recommendation
    • Campus Opportunities: CTAC Meeting, Campus Bike Census Spring 2021.

    The Bike Census Spring 2021 Event on April 28, an event which seeks to accurately portray biking on the CU campus, is searching for volunteers. No prior experience is required; just show up to the VIRTUAL Training Session at 9AM and go from there!


    Attached Files: 


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