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audit plan for Recycling for the Quad

Posted by Morgan White on October 3, 2014

Hi Ryan,

Shantanu and I were discussing the waste audits on the quad.  If you agree, we would like the plan to go as follows:

1.  On Tuesday morning we we like to place liners in the bins, just after they are emptied by your crew.  

2.  On Wednesday morning we would like to pull each of the bags and take them to ISTC for weighing and auditing.  Your crew will not have to pick up the waste from the 45 bins on that day.  We will make sure the waste and recycling are taken to the Waste Transfer Station.

3.  On Thursday your crew returns to empty the bins and we will again add liners shortly thereafter.

4.  On Friday we will conduct the second audit so your crew will not have to make a pick up that day either.  Again we will take the material to ISTC and then drop it off at the Waste Transfer Station.  

5.  On Saturday everything returns to normal. 

I hope that sounds OK with you.  If so, please let me know what time would be the best to add liners to the bins.