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Recycling for the Quad (Completed)

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This project will improve the waste process in and around the Quad.  First the project will provide a recycling bin to be placed next to each existing bin.  Then signage will be changed and color coded to clearly indicate that the new bins are for recycling and the existing bins will be used for only landfill material.  In addition, additional signage will be placed in buildings on the Quad to launch new standards and clarifying what can be recycled.  These new signs will assist to inform a community that currently believes all material is sorted on site.  The new signs and dual bin systems will engage the consumer by providing a choice, along with immediate realization that the status quo has changed.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Bart Bartels

    Team Members:

    • Ryan Welch
    • Matt Murphy
    • Tracy Osby


  • Started April 9, 2015


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